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我们(蚂蚁金服体验技术部)是一支兼具设计视角和工程视角的团队,服务蚂蚁金服上百个中后台系统,主打产品 Ant Design 服务全球近 100 万设计师和工程师,是西湖区学院路西侧最具影响力的设计语言。欢迎来这里和我们一起打造优雅高效的人机设计/研发体系。

UI/UE 设计师#


注明简历来自 官网

  • 岗位级别:P6/P7

  • 岗位地点:杭州

  • 岗位要求:

    • 至少 2-3 年的工作经验,扎实设计功底;

    • 抽象能力强,善于透过表象找本质;

    • 沟通能力佳,善于自我管理;

    • 有企业级设计实战经验,加分;

    • 有良好的英文能力和国际视眼,加分;

    • 深度了解 SAP、Salesforce、Google 等设计体系,加分。

    • 爱 🐱。

  • 岗位职责:

    • 参与金融云、数据服务、人工智能以及金融核心等业务领域的设计工作;

    • 参与 Ant Design 的打磨,将其建设成全球卓越的设计体系。

UI/UX Designer#

Please submit your work and resume: [email protected]

  • Post level: P6 / P7

  • Position/Location: Hangzhou

  • Job requirements:

    • At least 2-3 years working experience, solid design skills;

    • Strong abstract ability, good at finding essence through appearance;

    • Good communication skills and good at self-management;

    • Have practical experience in enterprise-level design, extra points;

    • Have good English skills and international vision, extra points;

    • In-depth understanding of design systems such as SAP, Salesforce, Google, and more points.

  • Job Responsibilities:

    • Participate in the design of financial cloud, data services, artificial intelligence and financial core business areas;

    • Participate in the polishing of Ant Design and build it into a global outstanding design system.


简历请投递:[email protected]

注明简历来自 官网

  • 岗位级别:P6/P7/P8

  • 岗位地点:杭州

  • 岗位要求:

    • 在 React 技术栈持续耕耘,情有独钟。

    • 热爱开源。

    • 坚持和善于用技术和工具解决其他问题。

    • 丰富的中后台前端研发经验。

    • 爱 🐱。

  • 岗位职责:

    • 负责 Ant Design 前端基础设施研发。

    • 负责中后台设计/前端工具体系建设。

##Front-end Engineer

Please submit your resume: [email protected]

  • Post level: P6 / P7 / P8

  • Position: Hangzhou

  • Job requirements:

    • Continue to work on the React technology stack and love it.

    • Love open source.

    • Persist and be good at using technology and tools to solve other problems.

    • Rich experience in mid- and back-end front-end R & D.

  • Job Responsibilities:

    • Responsible for Ant Design front-end infrastructure research and development.

    • Responsible for mid-back design / front-end tool system construction.